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Snap-On TeethClip on veneers, or snap-on teeth, are an alternative way to receive replaceable teeth compared to permanent dentures. Whitening is expensive, so for those who want cleaner, brighter teeth, snap-teeth is a pain free and cheaper way to get them. Snap-on teeth can be worn at any point and no extra filling is added for the teeth to connect. These are temporary and non-invasive that just snaps into place on top of the person’s natural teeth. As the alternative, snap-on teeth is made of removable arches that are customized to fit comfortably over a person’s tooth.

Looking for snap-on teeth can be stressful. For those who are interested, it has many pros to them. It works for those who have gaps, crooked, stained, or missing teeth. It works for those who don’t already have implants or bridges. It gives people that perfect smile without the high expense and discomfort of other dental procedures. A dentist will take an impression of the teeth, making the proper adjustments to shape it right for the patient and it will be completed in no more than two weeks.

How Long Do Snap-On Teeth Last?

Snap-on teeth should last for long if the wearer properly takes care them. Users should get at leastone year out of them but they are made to last multiple years. Despite the benefits, not everyone is qualified for it. It is hard for snap-on teeth to be made for those who have naturally long teeth or those that are crooked and cover each other. The arches won’t work if that is the case. Those who have big gaps in their teeth or have braces are not included because of complications.

With snap-on teeth, it is advised not to eat with them on. Some will feel used to eating it with them on because some foods are consumable, but it can risk damaging the long-term use of the teeth. With eating and drinking, there may be pieces trapped within the teeth and it could decay the snap-ons if not cleaned instantly. The same goes with proper brushing if it’s decided to do the same by keeping them on. This is why it is recommended to take them out and put it in a container for safety.

For some cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your teeth and bite, many will consider snap-on teeth. It can definitely alter the appearance of your smile for the better and snap-on teeth is an excellent temporary solution for issue with your teeth. Something permanent costs a whole lot more and it can hurt in the process. For those who want some a little inexpensive, snap-on teeth are an excellent choice to improve your smile. For the crooked, discolored, and missing, it is a salvation to making teeth look normal and feel good again.