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temporary tooth replacementIn the event of a dental accident, a lot of dentists will insert a temporary dental crown for a period of time while you are waiting for your permanent crown. In many situations this temporary tooth replacement is made of plastic and set with a temporary adhesive.

Because of that, it can be surprisingly easy for that temporary tooth replacement to be lost, fallen off or damaged. In that event, her are some things to do to solve the situation.

First, remove it.

If the crown is loose or is removed, avoid biting, swallowing or inhaling and remove the crown immediately. The last thing you want to do is inhale it accidentally. If you do, don’t worry about it as most of these temporary tooth replacement alternatives are harmless.

Second, examine it.

If you managed to remove it successfully, check the crown, but also the tooth itself regardless. Did the entire crown come off or is it cracked? Is part of your tooth still on the crown itself? Is the tooth cracked or damaged? Carefully examine your tooth as well as the crown before you start calling your dentist.

Third, call your dentist.

If you lost your crown, you will need a emergency visit especially if the tooth looks damaged. You want to be able to provide as much detail to your dentist as possible.

Fourthly, heed the advice.

With the information you gave them, your dentist will provide you instructions for what to do. In some cases the dentist may be able to instruct you on setting the crown back in with dental glue. Only do this if your dentist advises you to do this. You can also ask about other temporary tooth replacement kits you can purchase at the local pharmacy as well, whether you can use those or not for this.

Finally, be careful.

In the event that you can’t get the crown in, make an effort to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. You also want to avoid flossing that tooth in particular as well.

Why do the crowns fall out?

If you are lucky and your temporary tooth replacement hasn’t fallen out, you may be curious what sort of things cause a removal of a temporary crown. Generally speaking, temporary crowns are made to be removed easily since they are merely a placeholder for a permanent crown. While you have that temporary crown, you want to be careful at all times.

Some good practices to have to avoid the removal of crowns is to avoid sticky foods like gum or taffy.

Furthermore you want to brush gently around and in that area as well. Having strong teeth is vital as it’ll help prevent decay and any infections around the crown. You can even opt for getting sensitivity toothpaste as well for further benefits.

The last idea is to floss on a regular basis as well. You want to be threading through the gumline and avoid pulling too hard as well or else you’ll dislodge the crown. If you are worried about it you can always floss the teeth adjacent and wait to floss that tooth or consider that method.