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single tooth dentureLosing a single tooth can be tough on a person, but the very first thing that you should address is finding a way to replace it. If you don’t replace the tooth you leave yourself at risk of developing a variety of problems that can affect your overall health and wellbeing.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to create a single tooth denture that can be a temporary fix. In some cases these solutions could also be permanent fixes as well. Below are some options that you can consider.

DIY False Single Tooth Denture

Your first option is to consider making dentures at home. These days there are many solutions that are cheaper than a visit to a dentist that can give you a fake tooth. One such example is paying for a package of FIMO soft clay and mold the clay into a shape of a tooth, bake it until it’s hardened and then slide it in place. It’s recommended that you get someone to help you slide the single tooth denture in.

On the same vein as that you can also make a false tooth with the help of melting craft beads in water and using the clear putty left as a means of making a tooth.

Some other options to consider is buying a temporary tooth replacement product. DIY Tooth is a great product and works in the same way as the bead trick mentioned above.

In the end, while these solutions are cheaper and quick to do, they are temporary fixes. And they’re not going to be as great of a quality when comparing to the other solutions in this article.

Dental Implants

For a more permanent and longer lasting solution is dental implants. This is the most expensive solution, however it is the most viable option out of them all. That being said, there are two main categories to implants. One is called endosseous and the other is subperiosteal. These styles will be used based solely on the placement.

For the endosseous style it uses screws or cylinders that are set in the jawbone. As a result, the process is both effective, but a time-consuming process. The big reason is that your jaw needs healing and that can take several months. Even if you are putting in a single tooth denture.

Subperiosteal implants however are more like a metal Fram that rests on top of the jawbone but under the gumline. It’s an overall easier procedure, however it involves impressions as well as plate designs that take a bit of time to create so they can fit in your mouth.

Partial Dentures

The last option for a single tooth denture you can consider is partial dentures. If you lost a single tooth chances are you don’t need full dentures. However a partial one is a cheaper alternative if you can’t pay for implants.

The partial dentures work much like a retainer in that they snap in place. The only real drawback is that it does hamper your eating abilities. But also whenever you are speaking and chewing too.

There are many single tooth denture solutions out there. But it is wise to pick one of these options as quickly as possible.