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temporary front toothIn the event you are getting a front tooth replaced through an implant chances are quite high you will have a missing front tooth for a few months. As a result, many people are looking for options for a temporary front tooth.

Of course, how you handle it is entirely up to you, however below we share some methods that you can use as a temporary front tooth.

Temporary front tooth Crowns

The first option to consider is getting a temporary crown. This is ideally the best option, however it can be tricky to pull off. When it comes to front teeth they are met with a lot of stress since we use our front teeth for chewing and biting.

And yet despite that some people can get it in certain situations. That is if the anatomy permits the temporary crown, the bone is in good shape, and the surgical procedure goes well. In this case, skilled dentists can manipulate the implant to go in how they want it to go, however the other two are up in the air.

As for the procedure itself, the crown will be screwed in over the implant or have cement in it to keep the crown in place.

Removable Dental Flipper

Another temporary front tooth solution is a dental flipper. In the event you can’t get a temporary crown, this is a good temporary fix too. A flipper is similar to an orthodontic retainer, however it’s for specific teeth and doesn’t involve a lot of metal. When it comes to flippers, there are small metal clasps in the back of the teeth but nothing at the front.

As for the cost behind this, it’s pretty much a flat rate across dental practices as they are made in a laboratory.

Essix Style Retainer

There is also some variations of the dental flipper such as the Essix retainer which is a custom and clear retainer that snaps over the whole arch of teeth (be it lower or upper). In order for this to be possible, an impression will have to be made in order to make this.

Out of the retainer type of products, this is one of the most comfortable temporary front tooth tools one can have. They also have a quick production time. The only disadvantage that these retainers bring is that you can lose them since they are detachable. Furthermore it can be difficult to talk with them.

Snap-On Smile

The last temporary front tooth tool you can consider is the snap-on smile. It’s a removable retainer like most and covers several teeth much like a retainer would. Of course for these to work, an impression will need to be made. That being said, the beauty behind these is the fact that the snap-on smile can cover multiple teeth at once with no issues.

Some disadvantages with this though is the fact it is bulky and can be lost, furthermore it an expensive option over the other temporary fixes. There is also the case with most retainers in that it can be difficult to talk with.