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single false toothThere are many reasons why an individual may have to deal with permanently losing a tooth. Poor dental hygiene, genetic predisposition, an accident or an injury resulting to a knocked out tooth are the top reasons for missing tooth.

Every single tooth matters. And, losing even a single tooth can have several negative impacts that finding a single false tooth to deal with the problem is a serious task for people suffering from tooth loss. Lucky for us now though dental fixes are now more advanced and replacing a missing tooth is no longer such a big problem.

But on the flipside, dental fixes and implants can be overwhelmingly expensive. As a result many individuals dealing with missing tooth are seeking for more affordable tooth replacement solutions.

Affordable Single False Tooth Replacements

A missing tooth is not only disadvantageous considering its impact to the appearance of the concerned individual. It can cause the person to lose confidence and can lead to social withdrawal. It can also cause chewing problems and thus, hinders our ability to enjoy a lot of food. Furthermore, since our teeth play an important role in our speech, missing teeth can also affect pronunciation.

If you find yourself dealing with a missing tooth, don’t allow it to intimidate and slow you down. The good news is that there are now several cost-effective single false tooth options and temporary tooth replacement solutions. These temporary fixes can be a good start while you prepare your self financially for the expensive and recommended permanent dental solutions such as dental bridges and dental implants.

Some of the affordable tooth replacement options include braces, removable partial dentures and temporary tooth.

Replacing a Missing Tooth from Home Now Made Possible

Loosing any tooth can be traumatic. But just because permanent dental solutions come with a high price tag doesn’t mean you’ll have to endure walking around with missing teeth. Temporary tooth works as an affordable yet viable solution to missing tooth problems.

What more? DIY tooth making kits are now readily available which lets you create your own single false tooth easily from your home’s comfort. For just a few euros, you can simply make your order via the internet. And your kit will be delivered right to your home. The tooth making kit comes with step by step guide on how you can make your own single false tooth. The material is completely made from mouldable materials so it’s easy for you to shape or mold it and they’re genuinely safe and non-toxic. You don’t have to use special instruments to make the replacement tooth nor any adhesive or glue. The fake tooth can be kept in place easily between two real teeth. Once the single false tooth is done, you can have it coloured to match the rest of your original teeth. So they look more realistic. With proper use, the temporary tooth should last you up to several months.


It is important to note though that a temporary tooth is not a permanent fix. You should visit your dentist for a permanent solution as soon as you can. Sometimes delaying missing teeth problems can cause the weakening of the neighboring teeth and can lead to more serious oral health problems.