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lost my front toothYou may have experienced this once before: you were playing some sports when suddenly a hard ball or some other accident ends with you saying “I lost my front tooth”. Whether it’s you or your child, the experience is pretty traumatic and it’s not out of place to experience a sports-related injury.

Regardless, this is where it has led you and in that event there are some things that you should do and shouldn’t do in that situation.

Lost my front tooth, what should i do?

First off, if it’s a child who has lost their tooth, it is smart to comfort them. And reassure them that everything is okay. In the event that you end up saying “I lost my front tooth” it’s important for you to not panic either and find some way to calm down and cope with it as well.

The second thing is to avoid touching the tooth root at all costs. You want to be searching for the tooth at all costs. Once you do find it, make sure you avoid touching the roots of the teeth. The roots are very fragile and can break under even the slightest pressure. As such, you want to be careful with picking it up as well.

The third thing is to control the bleeding. In the “I lost my front tooth” scenario, you want to be doing this as well as searching if you are capable of it. When a tooth is lost it’s going to have to be from a pretty intense injury. Because of that there’s going to be a fair bit of bleeding within the mouth. You want to control the bleeding so have someone apply a piece of gauze over the socket. And apply pressure on it.

Fourth is to avoid scrubbing or using milk excessively. It’s okay to pick it up and rinse it off with milk but avoid scrubbing. The reason being is there is tissue on the tooth itself that can help in reattachment. Scrubbing it down will cause the residue to come off.

This also applies with wrapping the tooth up in a paper towel or newspaper. Instead you can go back to the milk and let the tooth sit in a bowl of that or salt water. Another alternative is to reattach the tooth once more which you may need some help for that.

The last thing to do is to call your dentist and set an appointment. You want to be doing this right away or get someone to make that all straight away. When you get the appointment, be sure to bring the tooth with you as well.

If a tooth doesn’t reattach…

In the event where the lost my front tooth scenario, your tooth can’t be reattached, there’s a few options that you can consider. Since it is the front tooth in this situation chances are quite high that reattachment will be difficult. In those events you want to consider your options of quality tooth replacement operations. There are dental implants you can get which is a costly, but effective procedure. And there is also a dental bridge, a cheaper solution that isn’t as strong.