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make your own toothOur teeth are very strong parts of our body, but even then get worn down, chipped or broken over time. As a result you would more than likely be looking to have a cap or a crown placed over them. This would require a trip down to the dentist’s office who will make your own crown or cap for you.

While that is nice, there is actually a cheaper solution to the whole proceedings and that is to make your own tooth crowns for yourself. Of course, this isn’t the easiest do-it-yourself dental procedures out there, however it’s a pretty rewarding one.

In order for this to work you have to purchase some items in advance. The items you’ll need will be a dental tray, impression material, putty, as well as dental acrylic. You can pick these up at either your own dentists business or you can get them from a dental supply lab.

From there, follow these two simple steps.

First, Making the Impression

The first step is to get an impression of the tooth. You’ll want to squeeze the impression material in the tray itself. From there you put the tray into your mouth and bite into mold around your teeth. You want to avoid sliding the tray, keeping it as straight as possible. Once you do that, keeping the tray in place with your fingers for three minutes.

Once the three minutes are up you can take the tray out and let the impression material harden. This will take 24 hours for that to happen. Once that’s done you can remove the impression material.

Second, Making the Cap

After the impression is all done, the second thing is making the cap or the crown itself. You can make your own tooth crowns by squeezing the putty into the areas of the dental impression. You want to put the putty specifically in the areas you’d like to make a cap for. From there, you want to mold the putty around the tooth. After that is done you’ll need to let it sit in the dental impression for at least 48 hours before it hardens.

The end result of the long wait is that this will be your temporary cap.

After the wait, and the putty has hardened, you can then remove it from the impression and place it on your tooth to see if it fits. At this time, you also want to make sure you are filling any excess material. You can do that by using a metal fingernail file.

From there, you can take the cap out of your mouth and then fill it up with dental acrylic. Pressing down on the tooth with the cap will allow you to seal it in place. That being said, you’ll need to keep the pressure on it for at least five minutes to make sure it fits and adheres to the tooth.

After that you got a little bit of clean-up to do. First, remove any excess acrylic. You can use a toothpick to make the job easier. Secondly, after you are done, rinse your mouth out with one tablespoon of baking soda and warm water.

Final Remarks

The last few things to keep in mind with this make your own tooth is that it is temporary. It’s not a permanent solution and you should see a dentist to get a permanent fix to this. Furthermore you want to avoid chewing on your crown for 48 hours or else it’ll risk falling out.