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how to fix a loose tooth at homeLoose tooth condition can be very worrisome for adults because if a tooth is lost, it cannot be replaced. The most you can get is a crown which comes at the cost of long and expensive dental sessions. Having loose teeth is actually a disease which affects the tissues around the teeth. The bones supporting the teeth are weakened, and the teeth feel loose or shaky. There is a medical term for this condition and it is called periodontum.

Symptoms of a loose tooth

Symptoms of having loose teeth are shaking teeth, red or swollen tissues around the affected teeth, toothache and discomfort while eating. The causes of loose teeth can be aggressive brushing, gum infection, orthodontic treatments, lack of oral hygiene, bacterial infection and ageing. The loose teeth disease can also be inherited from the family. So, if you know someone in the family who has the same problem, you should be more careful.

Fortunately, there are home remedies which can help you fix loose tooth at home. The use of black pepper and turmeric powder is known to aid in building strong gums, and fight off infections. Turmeric is also anti-inflammatory, so it can help you relieve gum pain. Make a paste of turmeric and black pepper, and apply it on your gums from time to time to prevent loose teeth.

Salt and Mustard Oil also help in strengthening the gums which reduce the likelihood of loose teeth. Take one teaspoon of salt and mix it with mustard oil to apply on your gums. This is one of the best remedies for loose teeth, and even helps in whitening your teeth. If you don’t like Mustard Oil, you can use Oregano Oil as well. It serves the same purpose.

If you start to feel your teeth shaking, you should resort to a liquid diet. If you being to feel pain as well, include warm vegetables and chicken soup in your diet. It will help with the pain, and you will be able to eat more easily. Eat as much green leafy vegetables and salads as you can. They will provide your body with the nutrients which are needed to fight infections that are building in your mouth. Peppermint Oil is also very good for pain relief, and is safe to use on your gums.

Try to avoid acidic fruits like lemons which can destroy the enamel of the teeth, and leave the roots exposed. That will cause your teeth to become more sensitive and make your teeth feel loose. Also, add probiotics like yogurt to your diet. Probiotics facilitate the growth of good bacteria in the gut. These bacteria help in fighting infections and boost our immune system.

The lower the rate of infections, the less likely the chances of getting a loose teeth condition. Maintaining oral hygiene, keep a balanced healthy diet and taking care of our gums can help in reducing the possibility of loose teeth disease especially in the old age when we are most susceptible to it.