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diy tooth replacementA broken, chipped, or fractured tooth is actually a common event. Although teeth are quite sturdy this can happen over time. When this does happen, it’s normally not painful, but it can be quite painful later on if you don’t take care of it.

Below we suggest a few DIY tooth replacement suggestions. That being said, it’s always advisable to go and see a dentist when you have the opportunity. These DIY tooth replacement ideas are simply band-aid fixes and shouldn’t be used as permanent solutions to your problem.

See A Dentist

Of course you want to see a dentist, but there’s a few things you can do prior to the visit. First avoid putting a Dremel tool in your mouth. Also note that anything you put in your mouth can be swallowed or inhaled so be careful. Again, a dentist will know what can be done to deal with the situation.

Do Nothing

Of course this is another option that you can consider and that’s do nothing at all. Although there is nothing wrong at all with that, the problem is that having a missing tooth over time can cause issues. The thing is our teeth are all placeholders for one another. When one tooth is gone for a long period of time, the others will shift and change the bite. This can affect how you bite on food on that one side for the rest of your life!

Dental Bridgework

Moving on to more ideal solutions, one avenue to consider is to get traditional bridgework done. This is the go-to answer for missing teeth and dentists recommend it. That being said there are some risks to it.

The idea with the bridge is that two ‘posts’ are dug into two teeth. The problem with it comes from when the bridge is compromised. If one size falters, you’ll lose the entire bridge rather than the one tooth.

There are some other DIY tooth replacement strategies you can do at home. One is using the DRM Permanent Filling Tooth Restoration Kit. It’s available on Amazon and a perfect diy tooth replacement strategy.


Your next option is an implant which is a lot better than the dental bridgework if you weren’t a big fan of it. The idea behind implants is that a small bolt of titanium is placed in the into the jawbone where your tooth went missing. The problem with this approach is that titanium is a metal and over time can cause a lot of issues with your immune system. The reason that is, is due to titanium reacting with the microbes in your mouth and creating atypical toxins.

While there has been work on a crystal implant, they are still very expensive at about $4,000 to $6,000 per tooth. Another solution is getting flippers, a cheaper alternative. It’s essentially a tooth-colored and shaped piece of plastic that sits on either side of your missing tooth. That is then attached to another piece of plastic that’s moulded to fit into whatever the tooth was.

As for diy tooth replacements you could try recreating the flipper yourself, however it might be smarter to get a dentist to do the work.

As much as diving into diy tooth replacement strategies is nice, it is ideal to seek dental help in the event of a missing tooth.