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temporary tooth kitA proper smile for us is a source of pride for us all, we all want to be keeping our teeth looking great. It is for this reason why we look for a temporary tooth kit when our teeth fall victim to damages. It’s also why we seek out permanent tooth replacements as well.

That being said, a permanent tooth replacement can take several months so a temporary tooth kit is a must for many people. Luckily companies have responded to that need and have created a variety of products to help with that. One of those is a product called DIY Tooth, which we are looking at today.

Why People Like DIY Tooth

It costs thousands of dollars in order for people to replace a tooth. Whether it’s a bridge or an implant it’ll be costly. Furthermore since we can’t anticipate tooth loss, it can be difficult for the average person to come up with the money.

This is why DIY Tooth is great as it only costs around £15 to purchase one. Furthermore if you go beyond what the instructions tell you, you could even get a great cosmetic tooth.

How It Works

There’s going to be instructions provided with every temporary tooth kit you pick up, but for those who are curious about it before here’s an overview.

DIY Tooth essentially provides a material you can use to melt in boiling water and then mould them however you like. Make sure you try it on first to see if it fits.

Once you get it done you run it through cold water. From that point you can decide whether to take some extra steps with it.

These extra steps entail making some finer adjustments. That is trying to make it fit in with the rest of your teeth. Some suggest you use a hand rotary drill with some sandpaper to shorten it and shave off any of the extra thickness on the back and bottom of the tooth.

The other extra step is staining the tooth to match the colour of your other teeth. DIY Tooth makes the tooth look white and bright and may look out of place with the rest of your teeth. To stain the tooth keep it in a cup of coffee or tea. The length will vary depending on the colour of your teeth. You want to check on it every couple of hours or even consider keeping it in overnight.

Other Quick Tips

Some other quick tips to consider with making the making of this temporary tooth is to have a mirror handy, work quickly and even consider using your original tooth.

The mirror is a helpful item as you can check how you are forming the tooth and it saves you time from constantly running to a nearby mirror to check.

The mirror tip comes in handy because you also have to work pretty fast. Once the material is out of the liquid you have a few minutes to mold your tooth. It hardens quite quickly which is good in some cases. The upside is you can still reheat it and mold it further regardless of the time.

This strategy is an effective way to putting together a quality temporary tooth for you. Try out these strategies and pick up some DIY Tooth today!