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Delivery information

Your order will be sent as a mailbox package. The package will be delivered to your mailbox, so you don’t have to be at home to accept it. On average, this will take 2-4 business days (United Kingdom & Ireland). On business days (Monday to Friday), we send orders placed before 15:00 (CET time). Orders made after this time will be sent the next day.

Delivery schedule United Kingdom & Ireland

OrderedSentExpected delivery
Friday >15.00 – Monday <15.00MondayWednesday – Friday
Monday >15.00 – Tuesday <15.00TuesdayThursday – Monday
Tuesday >15.00 – Wednesday <15.00WednesdayFriday – Tuesday
Wednesday >15.00 – Thursday <15.00ThursdayMonday – Wednesday
Thursday >15.00 – Friday <15.00FridayTuesday – Thursday

If your order is not delivered on the last delivery date, we ask you to wait one more business day. Contact us if the delivery has not arrived by this day.


Delivery schedule worldwide

Click on ”schedule” below to see the worldwide delivery time per country in working days. These are averages, the number of days may vary. Customs control can delay the shipment, please keep this in mind.


Delivery world

(Country names are in Dutch language).