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cosmetic dentistryThere has been a time in your life when you wished you had the perfect pearly white smile. Whether it be for a graduation photograph, your wedding day or any other special occasion that would forever be immortalized in a photograph.

There is a myriad of reasons why your teeth do not resemble those of celebrities and people who grace the covers of the glossy magazines. It could be due to age, wear, and tear or genetics. Irrespective of the reason, there are luckily a number of ways to correct these issues and walk away with the perfect celebrity-like smile.

The added bonus to most modern cosmetic dental procedures is that it is pain-free and fast. These procedures range from a single cosmetic tooth to a whole set of dental veneers, as well as teeth whitening.

Dental problems that can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has been known to solve some of the most intricate or severest of dental problems. Some of the issues that can be addressed using cosmetic dentistry are:

  • Wear and tear: regardless of how strong your teeth are, they will wear down with age. Over time you will see cracks, discoloration, chips, and teeth becoming uneven. A simple cosmetic procedure, such as veneers will be able to give your teeth the appearance of being healthy and strong again.
  • Uneven or missing teeth: it is not always pleasant to walk around with a visible gap in your teeth due to one being extracted or due to decay. Also, uneven teeth could happen over time due to age or grind your teeth when you sleep. Cosmetic dentistry is able to address these issues with simple procedures such as veneers or implants.
  • Damaged enamel: due to age and wear and tear, tooth enamel can become dulled or damaged. Drinking caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, smoking and various types of medications can lead to the damaging of your tooth enamel. Dental veneers are perfect for correcting problems caused by worn enamel.
  • Discoloration: serious discoloration can be caused by diet, smoking, drugs and drinking coffee. However, teeth whitening techniques today are just as effective of restoring your teeth’s color.
  • Genetics: some people have abnormal or unique spacing between their teeth. These gaps will widen with age. Most young people will opt for dental braces, but for less severe cases, veneers offer a quick fix solution.

Most people are put off from visiting a dentist to correct the problems they have with their teeth. However, modern dentistry procedures, especially the cosmetic procedures are mostly non-invasive, pain-free and affordable. Long gone are the days when a dentist’s chair is looked upon as torture device. Modern technology has allowed most procedures to be pain-free, quick and inexpensive. Also, most dentists have anxiety releasing techniques for the patients and some dentistry spas even offer relaxing massage while you are undergoing a dental procedure.

These days there is no reason you cannot have the celebrity-like smile you always dreamed of.