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tooth repair kitWhether you are going out into the wilderness or a long trip, a tooth repair kit is always smart to have on you. You never know when you may need a quick fix while travelling abroad.

What Can You Find Inside a Tooth Repair Kit?

Below is a small list of some essentials that you need in this tooth repair kit.

Pain Relievers

Chips and cracks in teeth are actually a common event than you might think. Furthermore if these damages aren’t tended to properly they can become quite painful for your tongue and mouth. In that event, you want to have some pain relievers. These are the prime item in any tooth repair kit.

An easy choice for that is a pill that’s analgesic/anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. This can help alleviate pain from teeth but also pain in general. Some other things to consider are things like oils or eugenol extract which dull pain at the source. Those can even place a drop on a pellet of cotton and extend their pain relieving effect once inserted into a cavity.

Temporary Filling Material and DIY Tooth

There’s a lot temporary filling material online that you can buy through Amazon, however your local pharma store will have some cheap filling materials as well. Of course they’re not as great as others you can find online but they get the job done in a pinch. There’s a few other alternatives you can consider such as dental wax or even chewing gum.

The DIY Tooth is a great product to cover a missing tooth on the go. It looks realistic and is also available online.

The idea behind these filling materials is that they stick to the other teeth and may even be able to reattach a crown too. Filling material will also help to relieve sensitivity that’s caused by air hitting tooth pulp. They’re a great addition to any tooth repair kit.

Another thing to note is if the filling material comes with a tool, make sure you pack that as well. Filling material should only be used as an emergency filling. Some other alternatives to consider are things like tar, or pine pitch. Just make sure you avoid using medicated cotton as it may make a dentists job harder when they have to remove it.

Floss and Toothpicks

These are pretty self explanatory but they can do a lot more in a pinch. Of course you got basic tooth care with them, however they can also help in other situations. Dental floss can be used as a rope for your teeth, tying a cracked or shattered tooth to keep it in place. For toothpicks you can use them for cleaning of course but also to apply the temporary filling material as well. Again, have these in your tooth repair kit, they’re the basics of the basics.

Nitrile Gloves and Cotton

The last items in your tooth repair kit are gloves and cotton. For gloves it’s for sanitary reasons since you are going into someone’s mouth. Even if it’s yours, it’s still smart to have them on you. They are also ideal in situations where you have a friend doing the work or you have to do dental work on your friend. Nitrile gloves are ideal in the event that you or your friend get reactions from latex.

With the cotton you want to have at the minimum five cotton pellets as well as five cotton rolls. The idea with cotton is that it helps with bleeding, applying medicine, and control drool. Furthermore cotton is a great emergency fire starter.